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#1An insight on me: 3rd June 2014: Describing my personality and this blog
#2Into the night: 3rd June 2014: Summing myself up in a single image
#3City VS countryside: 3rd June 2014: Do I prefer shopping or nature?
#4Picture this, a page of expression: 8th June 2014: How emotion affects us all in different ways
#5The balance: 9th June 2014: Society believing both is “greedy”
#6My preference quote: 10th June 2014: We can’t all get along, it’s not our fault
#7Talk to a randomer: 14th June 2014: I love talking to strangers
#8My reviews explained: 14th June 2014: Information on my reviews. Please read this first before a review
#9My cheer selfie: 15th June 2014: A snapshot of my morning cheer face
#10Happy fathers day: 15th June 2014: A tribute to my daddy ❤
#11My perfume quote: 15th June 2014: The scent of me 😀
#12Weight and diet quotes: 16th June 2014: What I always say to my friends regarding diets
#13Dear Panda, you’re beautiful: 17th June 2014: We’re all beautiful, you don’t need to change for anyone. A video of me singing to everyone who finds fault with themselves.
#14Reverse the clock: 19th June 2014: If I could go back in time
#15Through the eyes of a cheerleader: 23rd June 2014: What cheerleading means to me
#16The ‘perfect’ weight 27th July: What is the most perfect weight?
#17Let’s Discuss Bullying 20th September 2014: How bullying affects us, and why people do it?
#18 New year: Do I stay the same? 6th January 2015: Who am I at the beginning of the year? Do I correct my ‘imperfections’?
#19 How you know you’re a cheerleader 17th February 2015 A variety of traits you may have as a cheerleader


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