The ‘perfect’ weight

Society wants us to know the importance of keeping healthy, and active. This is an article challenging the myth “The perfect weight”.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a rant, or a personal jibe at any individuals. I used some sources of personal experiences, however. It is merely a documentation challenging that perfect weight myth in a respectful and constructive way. If you may take offence, please don’t read it, although I wanted to include these sources for my article. You’re still awesome ^.^

It has recently come to my attention that there have been concerns regarding my ‘weight’.

Over the past decade we have become a nation that has become completely obsessed with the way we look. From simply straightening our hair in the mornings to those that take more extreme measures such as going under the knife.
There’s nothing wrong with either of these actions but we have to ask ourselves why do we do it? Is it for yourself, or for others?

We are constantly trying to meet the expectations of others, or we just decide “No I’m not brilliant the way I am. But I’ll just ‘settle’.” Why settle? Why not appreciate yourself for the wonderful, and fabulous person that you are? Look in the mirror and list the things you like.
There’s nothing wrong with insecurities, we all have them. Beyonce has flaws and she is an absolutely talented diva. Their is a flaw within us all, even those “I’m perfect” not being modest types. Yes you have a flaw too, and you know something it’s beautiful. Our flaws are what make us, shape us and make us imperfectly ‘perfect’.

We are a nation of “I want a flat stomach”, and I heard my friends the other day talking about how they would hate to suddenly be on crutches. They would just sit down and eat getting “depressed and fat”.

I’m a little confused as to how society defines words, my apologies if this next statement makes me ‘seem’ truly naïve.What is ‘fat’?

I asked the opinions of some of my friends:
“ I’d say it’s something that happens when you don’t exercise and have too much food”
“Too much”
“A substance in the body that keeps you warm and protects your organs”
“When you’re unhappy with your body shape to the point you want to make a change”
” It means’Overweight’ but this is subjective to what weight you are over. There are those with more fat with muscle”
“Fat – jelly like yet solid substance inside the human body. Common terms: curvy, wide, big, tyres, chub, chubby”

Headlines from the media scream “Girl dies after becoming underweight”, “Womans weightloss: before and after pictures”, amongst hundreds of links promising a “quick fix” to the “perfect body”.

The problem doesn’t lie at the hands of the media though, even though ‘we’ say it does. Media has to exist, media will never cease to exist. We have media everywhere from a type writer to the internet. It is their duty to report those topics which will be the publics interest, and in the interest of the public.
The problem of our insecurities lies with many factors, not restricted to just the media.

I’ve been questioned as to whether I’m starving myself or not. I’m not, but contrary to this I’ve been told I’m not eating healthily enough, and my dinners need “more protein” as well as “I’m eating too much junk”. I think these statements both contradict each other, so which is it world. Am I eating too much salad, or not enough?

The next time someone enquires whether I’m eating 23 calories every day I’ll go, “Yes of course I am. Clearly I am” whilst kicking an empty tub of ice-cream under the bed for ‘good measure’.

If I had to have ‘one’
I’m wondering if people would be happy if I sat down eating popcorn, and watching movies for my whole life.
Whether I danced in my room for ages, and cooked for myself with ‘protein’ for my whole life
I do both 😀

People are concerned for my ‘health and wellbeing’ with good enough reason to do so. It is actually quite lovely to see how many people care about me.
My friends come up to me asking how I ‘did it’. Right you listening?
Eat a cooked meal of pasta and sauce with vegetables. Then at night time eat lots of salted popcorn, tubs of Ice-cream and your chocolate spread with a spoon. Follow off with turning up your tunes, and doing the macarena in front of your mirror.

I’ve not attempted to lose weight, it just happened believe it or not. I could gain back whatever tomorrow, and I’d not care. Granted I do dance quite a lot, not as an activity but in my room. This may be the cause of the scale changing it’s ‘phone number’.

I just want to let everyone know that I’m fine, I’m not ill and I am of a healthy weight.

So what is the ‘perfect weight’? We turn toward the scientific approach of the ‘man made’ BMI (Body mass index) scale to help us out. After doing mine, I tried to show you but “The computer says noooo”.
So I can’t give you specific numbers, but my doctor informed me I am of a healthy weight.

However the BMI chart doesn’t take a number of factors into consideration. Such as a diversity of genes, body type, race, activity levels.
“A real woman has curves”- Excuse me why I roll my eyes for an hour
Even those defined as “underweight” and “overweight” can still be healthy. There are those that simply cannot gain weight even if they want to, those that gain weight due to medical reasons.

Do you believe I’m contradicting myself?
She’s saying “Be healthy, but saying it’s ‘fine’ to be underweight blah blah”
My conclusion: Aim for ‘healthy’. If you can’t as long as you believe you’re beautiful, that’s all that matters.

As long as you’re healthy and happy, there is your ‘perfect weight’ ^.^
I wrote a poem in terms of this topic:


Nutella go and spread


By Jellybean