Let’s discuss: Bullying

I’m not perfect in any way, shape or form. I don’t have a perfect personality with swarms of people wanting to be my friend. There are some people that hate me, and others that tolerate me. I love my friends, family and best friends.

It is unknown to me why I am so calm in many situations including today’s. See just recently I decided to talk to some strangers in my block, this isn’t unusual for me. But then one decided to throw a drink on me, and quite strangely I was calm. Confused his friends asked why I wasn’t freaking out, perhaps I was the one that was in fact drunk? I informed them I was not, and I said this:

“My actions reflect who I am as a person the same with everyone else. If I am respectful, it doesn’t mean others will act the same way. Those that choose to be disrespectful have chosen to be. I have no control over the actions of others.”

In primary school I moved to a new city, I didn’t know anyone and the ‘cool’ kids took me under their wings. I was the one they ‘adopted’ we would hang out, and I’d always be invited to stuff. Yet this ‘protection’ came at a price, they wanted me to join in and also pick on the kids who were not ‘cool’. So I would call them names too and once I cut six inches of a girls hair. If you are reading this, I apologies. 

Secondary school is when it all changed. I was in my first secondary school for about two years, and then I decided to transfer. All my primary school friends were in the one I changed to. At first I was the new girl and then the torment started. This included name calling, throwing things at me, pushing me whilst I walked the corridor. Once I got food pelted at me whilst stood next to a wall, later on describing it as being “Food buffeted”. The irony I love food things now eh?

It was upsetting but I deserved it. If I would choose to pick on others in primary then why weren’t they allowed to get their own back? It’s only fitting I suppose….

Recently I’ve seen close friends become targets to ‘strangers’ with some being bullied online, and rumors being made up about them. It is not nice and yet these actions continue. It is fine to dislike a person for any reason but fighting fire with fire doesn’t resolve any situation by any means. However surely if you take offence to someone, why not resolve the problem?

I am not saying you have to hold hands with them singing “Do you wanna build a snowman?”. Why not just talk to them, and if the problem can’t be resolved, just leave each other alone. There are 24 hours in the day, and time is precious. You really want to spend some of that time causing trauma to someone? Why not put the computer down, and spend time with the people who love you and you love back. These include friends, family, even the chip shop guy down the road that’s always giving you extra portions. You know you love him 🙂

It’s not simple, and I’m not naive. The worlds not going to change in a day. But I don’t like someone being made to feel horrible for any reason.

Are there people I hate? You know what, no.

There are people I dislike for the hurt they have caused me in the past and yet if they were stood in front of me I’d have no problem with them. Honestly, they have reasons for what they did. Possibly reasons I could have prevented, they just didn’t pick choosing to talk at the time.

It’s as if the bullies want them to stand up and go:

“You don’t like my appearance, I’m changing it”

“My relationship bothers you, I am dumping my other half”

Honestly?! Is that what you’re sitting there earnestly waiting for?

When you bully someone <—- Yes that’s what it’s called. Ask yourself why do I do what I do? Have they upset me in any way, or am I just doing it for no reason? The majority of the time I’m sure there is a reason, but like I said just stay out of each others way. Though I am still sort of feeling the “Do you wanna build a snowman option” 😀

I am not going to change when others tell me what they hate. !

Instead I am going to say “My names Jelly bean and I “apologies” for not being perfect” Because that is the way I like it, and I am proud of who I am. #ImperfectlyPerfect

Stop finding faults in others, and find a beauty in someone instead. Oh and if anyone doesn’t like me, let me know if I have upset you in anyway. It’s not my intention to hurt others at all, I know how it feels.

**One of my friends makes me smile when ever I see them**

**One of my friends feels like a freak, but they are a brilliant person**

**One of my friends feels down the majority of the time, but wishes they could be happy most of the time instead**

**One of my friends is extremely talented but doesn’t believe they are**

Oh and if anyone doesn’t like me, let me know if I have upset you in anyway. It’s not my intention to hurt others at all, I know how it feels. – I am not apologizing for not being perfect ^.^

What’s not ‘perfect’ now??  http://spillit.me/JellybeanIjoyah

I’m a big giant awkward, internet obsessed, non intellectual Llama who has a fabulous purple dummy with rhinestones on Darlin’ 😀 Uh huh!

Own it and be yourself because that’s the best version of you there can be ^.^Let's discuss Bullying

By Jellybean