Through the eyes of a cheerleader

I’m overwhelmed with a mix of excitement and a niggling of nervousness. We take the floor, this is it, this is what we have worked for all this time. As I look over at my cheer family, I grin. These two minutes and thirty seconds are ours. The music is about to play…Ready? Let’s begin..

As my DVD collection grows over the years, I start looking for more adventure. 

One day whilst searching for something new to view in my collection, my eye paused over the few “Bring it on” DVD’s I’d accumulated. So that evening, I sat and re-watched them all from the start to finish. I fell asleep during one, and continued them the next day but this doesn’t count sssh ^.^

That was the only push I needed, I was hooked. The week was filled with prancing around doing the chants from the movies.. “I said burn it’s cold in here, There must be some Clovers in the atmosphere?” 😀 At school I’d be the one getting my friends to do the “Shabooya roll call”  chant with me from Bring it on: All or nothing.

Hello again google, your help is greatly wanted…”Cheerleading teams” I searched. I found out that there were many different types of cheer such as

(School, college, university)- Based on education

(Co-ed, All girls)- Based on gender

(All star, professional)- The highest competitors or the Alumni

(Mini, Youth, Junior, Senior)- Based on age

(1,2,3,4,5,6)- The levels depending on skill

I researched local teams, and emailed a couple. I figured I was a “Beginner senior”, with no idea what level I was capable of. That week was when I’d planned to visit the team I wanted to join. Walking into my first session was like walking blindfolded into a packet of Bertie Botts every flavoured beans, unexpected. The first thing that came out my mouth, as they showed me how to stunt was “Where are the pom, poms?” Everyone laughed, and said that was for the dancing..

Asking some of my cheer family, why they cheer and what it means to them. They said

“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to do it. I enjoy it”

“It makes feel like a part of a team, whether we win or we lose. Your body looks amazing when you’re a cheerleader, the muscles and bones gained from it is just the bonus part.”

“Having that friendship, and belonging is important to me. It’s quite male dominant in my work place I wanted to meet other females. I’m really competitive so team sports as well as improving at training is good for me”

So what does cheer mean for me? I love the different aspects of the whole routine, including stunts, tumbling, and dance sections. For me, it was about finding a hobby that I’d really really enjoy. When I’m on the performance floor, I’m at my highest level of confidence ever because I feel that’s where I belong. Every single week, I look forward to going to cheerleading the most. It doesn’t matter if I’m going to lunch with Taylor Lautner, or starring in my own music video.-Kinda 😉 Cheer will be the one thing that will make me most happiest.

Mainly I back spot or sometimes front spot. I wish I could be a flyer, though this may not be possible.

I’m not the best of the best or the worst of the worst. My status isn’t even defined individually, I’m part of a team. We are only as strongest as our weakest link, and practice makes perfect.

ANNIVERSARY of FIRST cheer session: Saturday 7th July 2012

It’s coming up to the two year anniversary of when I started cheer, same team, same family ^.^

Fact: Cheerleading is defined as the most dangerous sport in the world. Even though females make up the majority of many teams, this sport started out with male cheerleaders.

A chant I made up for my team:

We’re FIERCE, & we’re hot
Diamonds to rock (The floor)
As you sit in your seat (yeah), move to the beat
Black and pink…you wont even blink
Silver & blue, when the VIBE hits you (you)
Ready? Let’s go (go,go,go)

It’s the famous saying of a cheerleader that “Once you’ve been to one competition, you’ve been to them all”. I know of someone who has been to around thirteen competitions, I’ve been to four.

But like the teacher in save the last dance two said, in regards to ballet. I’m saying for cheer “My dear girl, once you get a taste of it’s never enough.” I suppose my coach would say that too, she wants to make the team the best it can be. The travelling, staying in swanky hotels, at a comp you’ll find me lurking in the BCA gift shop. Oh and most cheerleaders dream, if not all is to attend worlds, if not win it. SMOED is the only team that have won three times, and it was consecutively.

MY NEXT GOAL: Become a flyer, & get my needle. It’s not relevant for me to practice it, but Hey you never know?! Also work on my tumbling ^.^

What’s your sport and what is your family? Are you a Quidditch fiend, a footballer, swimmer, dancer or something else?

I’ve found my family, have you found yours?……Diamonds are forever ❤

Image Image  Image

The coach can make you practice, the crowd can cheer you on. But only your heart can make you a cheerleader. ^.^Image


By Jellybean

Reverse the clock

We always talk about how as kids  we couldn’t wait to “grow up”. Nobody telling us what to do, our rules and our life. In a world full of adults, and us being only young we were the ones who were the followers and not the leaders.

As a child my favourite hobby was to make the ants a “hotel” out of a cereal box in the back garden. I’d pour shaving crème all over the laminate floor of my bedroom, and then play a game I liked to call “slip and slide”. I was quite bizarre even when I was younger, but I wanted more. I’d always be told in response to certain questions I had“I’ll tell you when you’re older”. What went on behind these closed doors? I dreamed of the “adult” world, where films rated over a “12” certificate were exciting, you could do things dubbed “adult like” and having this fascinating thing called a “career”

In the playground my friends and I would get out our tamagotchi’s, yugi oh cards, and see who had the coolest smelling gel pen. Adventure to us every recess, was going in one of the three tree shelters we had outside. We’d all split into teams, running around like headless chickens playing stuck in the mud. The worse thing that could have happened to me back then? My furbee would stop working or I’d run out of batteries for my CD player, but then there would always be my parents to run too. If I fell over, they were there kissing my injuries. When I got my special woman’s ketchup, I ran to my mum with a big grin on my face thinking I was grown up.

Do you know that song? “When I grow up” by The dolls? My best friend and I would scream the lyrics out at the top of our voices clattering around in what we liked to call “heels” (kiddy shoes with the smallest bit of height), hair sprayed (to “perfection” darling) and our mothers dresses trailing way past our knobbly knees. We really wanted to be grown up for “real” and dreamt of something happening to us like the woman in the 13 going on 30 movie.  “Well be careful what you wish for because you just might get it”…

At nineteen years old, I’m at the edge of the line, only one more year until I’m out of the “this-teen” years of 13-19. A little over the capacity of being defined as an adult by England’s standards, far from being a complete grown woman like Beyoncé. Though I know in the united states of America being an adult is classed at twenty one years old. I’m going to be faced with a permanent job, relationships, the dreaded thing they call a MORTGAGE. Pretty soon, this will all become of me. What will happen to this nineteen year old who likes to listen to Disney, has over thirty teddies & is basically a big kid? I know how to be mature when it is required of me, and yet as a child, I was more the adult. I’m the adult now, but still I want to be the child. That simple life of “Hakuna matata, it means no worries for the rest of your days”.

Five years ago, on this exact date. I’ll share with you a entry from my 2008 diary, exactly as it was written.

“Thursday 19th June 2008” – TMI (Too much information) *I liked to give my entries in this diary titles, and the incorrect grammar is as it was written*

“I overslept till 7.10 but that wasnt bad because I didnt have to leave the house till ages. But I was wrong I got changed and pop “n” locked my hair (sprayed). When I went downstairs the clock read quarter to. I could hear my schedule alarm ringing. Walked out the house. Got to the bus stop and the bus arrived on time. Sat with my friends and the girl from yesterday. I gossiped with them. Instead of going to J block, I sat on the benches & sang Run the show. Then people came and I went A block to chill. Started singing in ma songbook. Then Danni came picked me up and we went to J block. I had French first. Ide got my glassed. We played who wants to be a millionaire? Then science the teacher insisted on putting us in seating order. No point! After a lovely breaktime of hanging with Jess Lozzy & Char. I bough a sausage & beans pastry thing. Maths. Me, Vicky, charlotte had a mental maths test. Talou kept peeking. At dinner Dan asked why I was hanging with Jess. I never replyed. This was Nerd week. Citzenship was alright but when Tom & I played the staring game, Dean & Luke imitated. IT was right in A4 and not far. We designed cinema Logos and names. Mine was “quality”. In registration we got kept behind and Talou kept looking through the door. I blushed.”

“Love from xx Jadine xX”


However, you are only as young as you feel. What was the past, has happened. Continue on with your future but treasure those memories that brought you happiness. Allow yourself to not forget, bring out that memory box emotionally or physically. Re-live the past, not letting what was once, be forgotten. But do not let yourself be tearful for what cannot be regained.

What is your favourite memory? Things happen for a reason…

“Flower, gleam and glow, let your power shine
Make the clock reverse
Bring back what once was mine

Heal what has been hurt
Change the Fates’ design
Save what has been lost
Bring back what once was mine
What once was mine”….

 Healing incantation sang by Mandy Moore from the movie “Tangled”

Image Remember your inner child ^.^ImageImage Unleash what once was





By Jellybean

Dear Panda, you’re beautiful

My best friend doesn’t believe she’s beautiful. This is for her and those like her. Love yourself, you’re gorgeous the way you are. An acapella cover of “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars ^.^

By Jellybean

Weight and diet quotes

When someone says I’ve lost weight. My reply: Someone get me to Nando’s quick I’m wasting away. *Grabs little finger in horror* I’m melting nooooooooo, I’m melting…*Popping sound*

Have you been on a diet? DIETS?! Aiiiiint nobody gots TIME fo’ thaaaaat!!

How do you lose weight? My reply: Is telling someone to twerk more, a valid exercise tip? 😉

My friend announcing their going on a diet: You know you inspire me, I’m going to write an article on you. Though it’s going to be a sad story called “The ass that got away”.

Now where did I put the Ice-cream??

untitled (20)

Weight and diet quotes

By Jellybean

My perfume quote

One direction perfume the sweet fruity perfume for the day, Beyoncé perfume to unleash my diva at night. Sweat, the scent of athletes everywhere and when I just decide to get my twerk on. T.S.O.C, The scent of cheerleaders. Buy yours today at your local gym! ❤

One direction, one moment perfume

My perfume quote

By Jellybean

Happy fathers day

As the sun rises, and begins the day of Sunday 15th June 2014. We remember that it is fathers day, as social media is awash with all things daddy related. Our friends taking care to the extreme on this particular day, as we pay tribute to that important man in our lives.

So what is fathers day to me? I enjoy this holiday like any others, after all I do love holidays. The man I will pay “tribute” to today is my foster dad. Since May 2002, he has been the one teaching me right from wrong. Reminding me not to smack my lips when I’m eating, and if I want to bob along to the music, I should do so in a way that doesn’t look like my head’s about to dislocate from it’s socket. Though to me he is my real dad. I don’t know the other one, after all what does define a dad?

My friend and I got talking the other day over the topic of “What defines a mother”? Not the one who “popped” you out, the one who raises you and looks after you. If that’s the one who gave birth to you, then they are truly your mum. Whether it is an auntie, a foster mum, your grandma, or even your uncle.

Nicki Minaj “I can tell your in touch with your feminine side”

So this definition applies to dads too.

Mum + dad = <3, foster mum + foster dad = <3, dad + step mum= <3, mum + step dad = <3,

dad= <3, dad + dad= ❤  mum + mum= ❤

Those without dad’s today, I salute you. Whether that’s because they have departed, their “non-existent”, or for any other reason. It doesn’t even have to be a male today, you could have two mums and one is more the “dad”. 😀

I don’t know mine either, but the important thing to remember is that no matter who you are, someone will always love you. It’s kind of odd but when anyone I know is upset, for whatever reason. I always tell them “Everyone has a purpose in life”. You could be the hero of someone one day, you could save someone’s life or even just bring joy to someone because you both really love triangles. Quite fascinating aren’t they?

I’m going to add some triangles for you to “oooh” and “aaah” at ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ & ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ < > ^ < ^ <>


NOTE TO MY DAD: See you soon daddy, please prepare some of your famous mac & cheese for my next visit.  Love you lots and lots, I’ll make you proud. We need to take a recent selfie together, now you have learned what one is and how to take one.  xxxxxxxx

Image Image

April 2005: My dad and I when I was nine years old

“Back when I was a child, before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high and dance with my mother and me and then
Spin me around ‘til I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure I was loved
If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him
I’d play a song that would never, ever end
How I’d love, love, love
To dance with my father again”Dance with my father by Luther Vandross ❤






By Jellybean

My reviews explained

A friend recently suggested to me that I include reviews of things within my blog. Whether it’s a book, a film or the free toy I got from a happy meal. I loved this idea, and so decided to go forth with it but by adding my own twist.

Most of the time someone reviews the latest this, and the newest that. Which is completely understandable, is it not? You want to know if that release that just came out in the cinema is worth watching. Though I find myself at a neutral stand still with reviews.

They are brilliant when you want the opinion of whether you’ll like it or not, but it’s not your opinion it’s theirs. Yes, I wouldn’t lead you to the path of ruins, saying it’s the sunshine lane. Although the path of ruins could be your sunshine lane, if you get where I’m coming from? There are times when I’ve loved something reviewed as “bad”, or hated something the majority liked.

But with me I have these little, “remember this?” moments. I’m an avid DVD collector, listen to a vast range of music and I’m always purchasing the oddest products. Cupcake toothpaste anyone? So my review could be anything be it old or new, after all the past is what made the future.

Lastly my reviews will contain “NO SPOILERS”, so you can read them with a big grin on your face from start AND to finish. 😀

When someone SPOILS the ending, & you haven’t read/watched it yet



By Jellybean

Talk to a randomer

Whilst enduring our daily activities we encounter at least one other person. Even when we don’t leave the house our interaction with another could be in the form of a message, or a phone call. What about the others? the ones that are seen but not heard or heard but not seen?

There are amongst 7 billion+ people in this world, and that number is forever growing with new births happening every single day. The average person will only have a handful of close friends in their lives. Friends are an important part of our lives, their the ones who are there for us during good times and bad times. A best friend will be crazy with you, leave you laughing so much you accidently fart and then the nutter let’s one out too and the laughing starts again.

For me the biggest adventure of them all, is meeting new people. Sure it can be nerve wracking, thoughts run through my head of “Will they like me?”. The best piece of advice in this situation given to me is to just be myself. Well in that case, friendly (check), nuts (check) and absolute weirdo (double check).

I got talking to the local shop keeper yesterday, a woman in town a few days ago, and this man on the train station the other day. I love getting to know new people, I have had and have pen pals from all over the world. My very first pen pal occurrence was when I was in primary school, the teacher had come from her travels in New Zealand. She had a pile of papers in her hand, to which she informed to the class that they were people who wanted pen pals. I’d never heard of such a term before, but I found out that a pen pal is someone who you write letters to, and they reply back. It’s more worthwhile having one from a different country, or even city as you can learn all about ones culture and lifestyle.

The teacher described the pen pals one at a time, with some liking football or dance. I’d say I liked the sound of a particular one but the class would say it was better suited to someone else. As the pile got smaller, I thought I wouldn’t end up with one suited to me. Then she read out one that was “loud” & “mischievous”, it was no surprise the class voted me as a potential. I’d found a match with this adventurous girl from New Zealand. Regrettably we’re not in contact still, although I retained the letter as it is sentimental. Many know I am quite a sentimental person.

“Why do you talk to strangers Jadine?”

Why do you not? After all, a friend now was a stranger back then weren’t they? Even though I grew up learning never talk to strangers, my lecturer talked to us about the importance of building contacts. Although I wouldn’t say every person I encounter is purely for business, it’s more a case of wanting to expand my circle. As long as you’re both respectful and both comfortable in the situation, then there is nothing wrong in indulging with a bit of “small” talk.

Though please do pick the right time and place, because following me up the road at three am does scream “creepy” doesn’t it? Yes I’m talking to you 😀

I met my best friends by just walking up to them at school, at a party, and at university and striking up a conversation. What are you waiting for? Get talking to a randomer TODAY… Although make sure if you are under 18 years of age to get your parents/guardian’s permission. Also bring your own sweets with you, so you don’t need to accept them from the strangers. Thankiiiies

Happy meeting




By Jellybean

If we were all tea, then not everyone is everyone’s cups of tea. Some may like it a little stronger, or weaker than you are. Then there are those that don’t even like tea they’d prefer water, or even an alcoholic beverage”

My preference quote

By Jellybean