New year: Do I stay the same?

We did it, we are in 2015 and ready to take on another year. This is an individual achievement in itself as we think about the struggles it took to get to this point, so you should be proud. I’m ready for the days to go by, and to take on everything that comes on at me. This mad roller coaster that we know as ‘life’.

Everyone has probably asked you multiple times “What are your new years resolutions”? Well mine is to complete the ones I didn’t quite get around to last year. Wah I thought I was going to be a ‘famous’ you tube star by now, but hey there is still time. ^_^

Ask yourself, what are my goals? Do I want to end up in “The Guinness book of world records”?I’m betting you have an amazing collection of The hobbit memorabilia, the world just needs to see. Hey, I’d like to see it.

Even though time has passed, you don’t have to be a ‘new’ you. I personally like my friends quirky, and sporting odd habits It makes them absolutely gorgeous. 

You are worth so much in life, so don’t doubt yourself. If there is anything you want to do in life set your mind on it and conquer. The amount of fall backs you’ll have is unknown, but those don’t set you back. What will you set you back is if you don’t get up again and carry on. 

Scrolling through my 2014 Facebook timeline makes me happy. I’m one of the few who can actually say 2014 was their best year. As a very determined, and a little bit stubborn individual I want the best in life. I’ll stay up all night emailing youtubers to help with my charity fundraiser, I bet IISuperwomanII is thinking

“This unicorn wants to do so well she’s typing me a message in her sleep. Like literally she’s probably up on the keyboard, with her dreams subconsciously typing this for her. Someone give that girl a cookie”.

Nights are spent practicing interview questions, & researching stores just in case I get to the interview stage.

Will you think back to 2013, then 2012? Has it gotten better? I hope the answer is yes.

Looking through diaries on exact dates I’d be thinking this time last year I was in my room talking to my teddy bears. I STILL do that, but now I can talk to actual people because I have my nutters ❤ Why do you keep me?! 😀

I believe I am actually the same person as last year. The confident me was just eager to get out, she was always there and this year I’m really going to let her out dammit. What are my new years resolutions this year? “Be Successful”. Maybe it should be yours too? Failure is not a weakness.

Yeah I’m going to dance now, best way to start the year. Happiness does start with a dance ^_^New yearDo I stay the samecropped-untitled-16.png

By Jellybean