My three best friends <3

Every chocolate bar needs a wrapper, as a fish needs water. Without the water the fish could not live, and an unwrapped bar of chocolate, well that’s just unsanitary isn’t it?

My best friends make me who I am today, amongst other people. They are my light, my world, my ever–Ok I’m going to stop now before it all gets a wee bit cheesy. So what I’m saying is I owe these three everything. Let’s meet them shall we? DRUM roll please, *Unveils curtains*

Elle – We met at school outside the music block when we were looking for a mutal friend.
“The bestest friend you could ever meet, and everybody loves her because she is nice to everyone. She gives great advice and you can trust her with your deepest secrets” (As defined by urban dictionary), to which I completely agree.
It also says she’s feminine, what my Elle? Put her within 10 metres of anything pink, and she’ll bite you THEN burn the thing that caused offence! Same with spiders, but she’d be running the other way.
All the good times and the bad times, even the weird times she’s been through it all with me. A friend knows about all your crazy moments, a best friend has lived them with you. If I trip, she’ll trip. If I jump of a bridge, she’ll get in a paddle boat and save my stupid self. She’s my sister, and I can’t leave her. She knows too much hehe
:p ❤ xxxxxx

Our anniversary: Tuesday 1st July 2008
Our song: Freakum dress by Beyonce
What we share: Everything minus her cookies, I’m being serious she WILL bite you, thinking your the cookie haha 😉
What she dislikes about me? (I deliberately asked for this)- Sometimes you were a bit stuck up”
What she calls me: Jay, or Jayyyyy (when she’s annoyed)
Fact: The one MAJOR fall out we had nearly resulted in us never speaking to each other again, I still have the letter she wrote to me, and I wrote one to her. Some how we resumed being best friends, still to this day I don’t know what happened or who made the first move haha
Saved in my phone as: The wifey ❤

December 17th 2010- 2cnd1509045_10153633900155562_1002719224_n



The first thing I said to him was based on religion and homosexuality, and he replied with something witty. We met at our universities LGBT societies welcome party. That was it from then he invited me to group events, even though I wasn’t too keen on clubbing. This was my “try different” things period. Then none of his other friends would be free, so I’d go around and we’d hang out. It went from just sitting and talking about ourselves, to ending up twerking/doing salsa/ and hip hop dancing in his kitchen.

Our anniversary: Tuesday 1st October 2013
What we have together?: A joint you tube channel #Bisexualbiscuits (check out one of our videos titled “The best friend tag”)
Our song: Talk dirty by Jason Derulo
Things he dislikes about me (I deliberately asked this)“sometimes your stupidness when you actually know the answer yourself”
What he loves most about me: My personality
He calls me: Little miss Jocelyn
What I always say to him: “I missed your faaaaaaaace”
FACT: I know more “Jordan’s” than any other name, I’ve had crushes on several and my FIRST crush was named Jordan, I was nine. But this one is my best friend, awwwww
Saved in my phone as: The husband 😉 ❤


MY BEST FRIEND: Pandora “Panda”

I’ve known Panda since the start of university, and at first we didn’t speak much. Then we started hanging out more often she describes our friendship by saying, “The thing is it’s odd we are so different, but we like the same music, colours, and food”. Well what can I say? I attract crazy, and that’s the way I like it.
All the mad times we’ve got up to from getting locked in Mcdonalds, to making up a religion of unicorns. Even though she takes the mickey out of me when I say something silly AGAIN, but it’s hilarious. ^.^

Our anniversary: Thursday 12th September 2013
Our song: Memories by Within temptation
Saved in my phone as: The girlfriend 😉 ❤
Fact: We’ve planned our future house, it’s going to be “The darkness and light” house. With my side being mildly girly, preppy and covered in food wall paper, bright lights and a cinema, this is the light. Her side would be the darkness with intricate gothic designs, a winding staircase into the “depths” below. Chandeliers, glow in the dark skulls, and low lighting. We would be doing the monster mash 🙂
What we share: Our love for both wanting to go to China/Japan as well as loving the cuisine


Most relevant statements from each of my bestie and I’s songs:

“Think we’re ready, been locked up in the house way too long” Freakum dress by Beyonce
“All of my memories keep you near, it’s all about us imagine you here” Memories by Within temptation
“You know the words to my song, no hable ingles?”- Talk dirty by Jason Derulo

BEST FRIENDS ARE AWESOME. WHEN YOU SEE YOUR BEST FRIEND (S) NEXT, GIVE THEM A BIG HUG AND TELL THEM ONE THING YOU LOVE ABOUT THEM THE MOST, OR TWO THINGS OR A BILLION Hehe 🙂 I told you three was my lucky number, applications to be my best friend now closed haha. Just kidding :

Stay tuned for a friends post, Hey it could be YOU on it…dun dun DUUUUUH


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